Laughter | Rock the Shot Forum September Challenge | Jennifer Franze Photography

I would love to say that I crack my clients up and that I can get awesome smiles, but this little one was cracking herself up all on her own. I would ask her to look at me and smile… she would make a silly face and then crack up hysterically! I thought this would be the perfect image for the September Challenge!

Life is Good!rock the shot

I’m Back!!!

So as many of you know I took a much needed hiatus from photography. Long story short, I got a little burned out and needed to take a little time for myself and my family. And while I never lost my passion for photography, I lost my sense of who I was as a photographer. I needed to figure out the direction I wanted to take my art, and how to keep my business in line with that. Over the past several months I have taken business courses, photography workshops and basically emersed myself back into the behind-the-scenes “stuff” that create the image I want to portray. I have invested in new equipment (Yay!), props (who doesn’t love shopping?) and sat around just thinking, “Who am I as a photographer?” (as I banged my head against a wall…LOL).

There are several changes to Jennifer Franze Photography that I think will keep me moving forward as I grow and establish my business. First, as if you didn’t notice, I am blogging! I will still be using Facebook as a tool to promote and share my sessions with you, however, Facebook itself is making it increasingly hard on small business owners. So we are forced to find alternatives in order to share with you. It doesn’t hurt that the images should be crisper and cleaner without the distortion Facebook seems to give them. So please make sure you follow me here, or subscribe to get the lateset blogs!

Secondly, I have been working hard at getting my website updated. Hopefully, it will be complete within the next week or so. Be sure to check it out at as you may see some people you know :) I also have also taken a seriously hard look at my rates. I have learned a lot over the last two years in business, and I have adjusted them accordingly. I want to stay reasonable while being able to produce beautiful pieces of art, and I think that I have accomplished that.

Lastly, I am drastically reducing the number of sessions I schedule each month. I am focusing more on quality than quantity. Each session will get a lot more personal attention and focus. I love being able to put everything I have into creating a session that is unique and special to the client, and by limiting my workload I will be able give 100% to that session.

I am very excited and a little nervous about all these changes but really feel I am taking my photography to the next level, discovering who I am as a photographer and learning to be an individual in my art! Who’s with me?